Friday, 11 September 2009

bad blogging

Yeah, yeah, yeah... Frankly appalled at how long it has been since I wrote anything here. I will try to write this weekend as there's lots of stuff cracking off - some good, some not so good.

In other interwebhighway news, I had a "cease and desist" from Blogger for my other blog, Domino Rally. This was the MP3 blog I set up for the members of my old band Johnny Domino so we could share songs and personal favourites with the world (well, our mates, really). It was always done in a very respectful way, with links to artists and to shops for people to buy stuff, and we NEVER posted full albums, no matter how obscure it was.

I never kidded myself about the (il)legality of what we were doing and always told myself I'd knock it on the head if I ever got a C&D note. But I had a minor freak out and deleted the whole thing (NB I'm renowned for my overreactions).

For the last couple of years, it's just been me posting there, and I kind of miss that side of things, so forgive me if some avant-garde jazz or some begins to appear here - it's just a desire to share.

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