Wednesday, 3 March 2010

blogging is bad for your health

Especially the irregular kind, right?

Fortunately not a whole lot has happened recently - when my injections had the final speed-bump up to 44mcg, I felt pretty crappy the day after but that's it really.

HOWEVER I am getting a bit worried that I tend to turn into a complete arsehole the day after my jabs - very short-tempered and depressed. Also, on those days I have no attention-span or ability to concentrate at work - does anyone else feel like that?

I know, I'm only into the third month of treatment so my body could just be getting used to the freaky drugs that are coursing through my veins. Still, I'm waiting for a call-back from the MS nurses as I type.

I've recently been having some conflicting thoughts about the whole MS-blogging-thing. I dunno, but lately I've been thinking "is it good for my health?" Does it do me any good to be thinking about it all the time (difficult to avoid), then coming on here and bitching about "my miserable life" (which is actually pretty wonderful, thanks for asking)?

And, more importantly, does it do any good for anyone who might recently have been diagnosed to trawl the internet (my neuro told me not to go anywhere near a computer until I'd spoken to an MS Nurse), discover my blog, and read me moaning when I'm having an off-day?

Don't worry, the blog title will NOT change, and it's not going to turn into a happy-clappy-Ain't-Life-Grand kind of show.

Just saying, it made me think.

Normal service will resume soon.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say, i've recently started on rebiff and your blog made it a whole lot easier and not so scarey!!!!!!
Thank you for taking the time to write your thoughts, i for one really appreciate it

stevedomino said...

Hi Jo - thanks a lot for stopping by. Hope you're doing ok!


Anonymous said...

Your welcome, doing ok on the 22 micrograms cant wait until the 44 what joy.
Just gotta keep smiling or sleep....
please dont stop the blogs they are the only ms/rebiff suff on the internet i can bear to read.
Take care