Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Again, apologies for lax blogging.

Remember ages ago that I was waiting for a call back from the MS nurses? I was concerned that I was feeling lousy the day after my injections? Well, those are those unnervingly-vague "flu-like symptoms" that everyone's been telling me about.

"Nothing to worry about, just keep taking the painkillers, you'll get used to it. Incidentally, what are the results of your blood tests?"

The results of my what-now?

Apparently, I should have been getting my blood tested every month since getting on the Rebif horse to ensure I wasn't completely arsing my body up. Unsurprisingly I got checked out as soon as possible after that little revelation - I've not heard anything back from my Neuro so I'm assuming that it's all hunky-dory... for the moment.

The mood swings and all-round flakiness continue - according to the Nurses it should take 12 weeks-ish for my body to get used to the increased dosage. So, within the next two weeks I should be firing on all cylinders... as much as I ever was, anyway.

Aside from the flu-like stuff, things are going fine - I had been neglecting my physio work since being signed-off but I'm getting on with stuff more now.

And me and Emma are buying a house six-doors down from where we're currently renting - any volunteers for the human chain are gratefully received!

About a month ago, on the advice of my Physio, I went to see the Othotics department at the local hospital. Although at that point I didn't need it, they've ordered me an Orthotic sock for my pesky left leg.

I think this should help my walking when I'm having one of those days but we'll find out later when I go to collect it later on today! How exciting!

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