Monday, 10 August 2015

lucky bugger

Just a quick post to say that the other week I was visited at work by an Occupational Therapist - actually the same OT who visited me a while back.

We had a good chat about what had been going on and she set about looking about my work environment - previously she had suggested I get a swanky new chair and funky monitor holder, so she was pleased to see these in action.

Then she had a look at the layout of the office. Barring a couple of drawers and a filing cabinet, this is what the room looked like - I know, these illustrations are frankly amazing - and I'm not even a professional draughtsman!
layout one
She watched me walking through the door and getting to my desk. And said with beautiful simplicity, "Why don't you move your desk over?"

It's always annoying when someone points out something so blindingly obvious. But it's amazing the difference it has made. Check it out (honestly, no training or anything - you could almost be there...):
layout two
Another way in which I'm incredibly lucky is that, on the afternoon before he went on holiday, my boss helped to get the room straightened out - crawling around on the floor, trailing cable, making sure it worked.

I know there was probably a bit of pre-holiday demob happiness at work but still - he didn't need to.

As I've said before: COME AND WORK IN THE ARTS - the pay is shit, the perks are few but you'll [mostly] end up working with nice people.

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swisslet said...

there's truly no end to your talents! Technical drawing! Wow.