Wednesday, 7 June 2017

drugstore cowboy

So I've now become the kind of person who needs a pill organiser. After a few too many times when I've forgotten to take my Tecfidera (even though it comes in packets arranged by day of the week with AM-PM time-slots) and the very thought of forgetting to take Fampyra (because I'm paying for those), my wife bought me this snazzy little number.
I know I could take doses out of order but I like being able to see that I've taken my dose (or definitely missed it). The mental gymnastics required to think, "OK this capsule is from Tuesday PM which translates to Sunday AM", is simply too much to bear. PLUS Fampyra is packaged up two-by-two as doses need to be taken 12hours apart.

There are a lot of variations - join with me on a trip through my day!

- Fampyra dose one
- Mebeverine dose one (faecal urgency)
- Solifenacin (bladder urgency)

Post-breakfast:- Tecfidera dose one
- Vitamin D3 5000 iu x 2
- Flaxseed oil capsules 1000mg x 2*

Pre-lunch:- Mebeverine dose two

Pre-evening meal:
- Mebeverine dose three
- Fampyra dose two

Post-evening meal:
- Tecfidera dose two
- Baclofen 5g (nighttime leg spasms)
- Gabapentin 300g x 2 (neuropathic pain)
- Flaxseed oil capsules 1000mg x 2*

(* The Flaxseed Oil capsules are recommended as part of the OMS lifestyle diet. They are also proper horse-sized so they don't fit into my organiser)

I was sorting out my organiser when my brother paid me a visit recently. He was pretty horrified (I think his actual quote was something along the lines of, "How does one person take all those drugs and not die?"), although he was quite impressed with the tin Mrs. D bought to keep my stock in.
I laughed off his concerns at the time but viewed as a list on here, it does seem a bit much.

How many tablets /supplements are you taking?  And which if any do you think you could cut out?


swisslet said...

Well, when I remember (and I have a days of the week organiser) and as well as the weekly avonex:
- fish oils (high strength)
- vitamin D
- Vitamin B complex (makes my pee luminous)
- magnesium (for cramps and spasms in my legs)
.. and I practically live on Ibuprofen 400 (which was my neurologists advice)

I have some amantatdine for fatigue, but never use it as it didn't seem to do much and I don't like taking loads of drugs (ha!)
I did try taking something herbal/macrobiotic for gut and bladder too, but it just seemed ridiculous and I mainly boiled it down to the first three.

None of these things, you'll note, are really proven to do a damn thing.


stevedomino said...

Luminous pee sounds brilliant - I might have to get me some of those!

Amantadine sent me borderline psychotic when I took it - yuck.