Friday, 23 June 2017

the devil will find work for idle hands to do

Final day of steroids today - taking them has got a little easier, especially since I stopped trying to take more than one at once. No real side-effects - aside from mega dry-mouth, an inability to drink a cup of tea or coffee while they're still warm (because gross), and the inevitable difficulty falling asleep.

On the first day, I managed the grand total of one hour. Last night I set myself up for the long haul with a couple of podcasts, got all comfy - and promptly fell asleep (don't worry, I eventually woke up stupid early so no harm done).

This particular relapse has really affected our whole family - in a way I've been the lucky one, only having to concern myself with getting some rest. It turns out that Mrs. D is - unbeknownst to me - unable to to sleep before I come to bed. We're sleeping in separate beds while I'm getting the 'roids out of my system, but she can't relax until I'm set up in bed. It's understandable, considering the nocturnal nonsense that we were dealing with at the weekend.

My parents and in-laws are just short of holding an intervention with regards to my pesco-vegan OMS diet. Their concerns are two-fold:
  • I'm apparently losing a lot of weight (I've not noticed it myself and my weight has always fluctuated - I personally think I could stand to lose a bit)
  • It's too much strain on Mrs. D - especially when I'm having a relapse. I'm not much of a chef so all I'm doing is giving her something else to stress about.
I'm going to give it some thought - it is a pain in the arse and I'm not even doing it completely strictly. There are all kinds of wacky rulings about the kinds of oils you're meant to use, permitted fat content and types, plus there are potentially three different meals which need to be made each day - carnivore for The Child, vegetarian for Mrs D, and annoying fuss-pot for me. Plus pre-prepared vegan food is stupidly expensive and the labelling for "Free From" items is so totally non-standardised as to make you scream.

But I am conflicted - I feel mentally clearer since I went down this path (no matter how half-arsedly I've been doing it) and this particular relapse has felt different to my previous attacks. I know the Neurologist kind-of fudged the question of whether he wanted to call this a relapse or not, but if it IS a relapse, it is progressing at a more leisurely pace than those in the past.

Now there are a number of factors which have changed since 2012 -
  1. I've changed medication to Tecfidera 
  2. I no longer have the stress of being at work (and the relapse-related guilt that I should be trying to work from home and/or getting back to work as quickly as possible), although I do have the stress of looking for work, applying for benefits, etc. etc.
  3. On top of all that I've been trying to adopt the OMS lifestyle - not just the diet, but more regular exercise, daily meditation, and Omega 3 and Vitamin D3 supplements.
Who's to say what has made the difference? It could be any, all, or none of the above. Yet again, life with MS is nothing if not a crap shoot. You pays your money, you crosses your fingers, you takes your chances.

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stevedomino said...

Reading this back, it really does sound like I'm putting a lot on Mrs D. Pretty selfish, really.

The trouble with the diet is that most of the suggested recipes require pretty bizarre ingredients and advanced cooking techniques - that's what I meant when I said that I'm not much of a chef! And our attempts so far have not really paid off the extra effort.

While I'm not at work I don't have any excuse for not trying out some more stuff. I have nothing to lose but my motivation appetite!