Wednesday, 15 November 2017

a brief word from our sponsor

Little Miss D came home from school with a poster she had created. I have it on my desk where I try to write, apply for jobs, listen to music, basically just carrying on.

At her school they have characters called Work-At-It Whizz and Really-Hard Ratty - I think this poster was part of the school's motivational ethos.

Under a picture she drew of a Beatle (probably Paul as he's her favourite - see below), it reads as follows:
Do not give up!
Work hard!
Some people give up
Never ever give up!
Do not think about giving up!
Think positive!
Please don't give up!
I think about not giving up
Think about not giving up!
No, do not give up!

Don't give up!
Never give up!
Yes, it's repetitive but I find it brutally convincing. I try to learn a lot from this sensitive and supportive little soul.

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oxbow said...

Please make me a copy for my desk. x