Thursday, 4 October 2018

i was looking for a job...

WARNING: contains motivational claptrap
the CULTURAL ELITE in a salon yesterday

Recently there has been a weirdly high number of suitable jobs for which I could apply.

It's strange. It has been a struggle and most of them have been of the "work up application, submit, get no response at all" variety.

But recently a position came up at a city-wide photography festival, a role that was my first ever freelance position (about 12 years ago now!)

So I thought I'd give it a go.

The job description was interesting, in that the vast majority of tasks were desk-based. But there were a couple of curve-balls involving taking journalists on walking tours round the festival.

With the best will in the world, this wasn't going to be something I could do.

I talked it over with the divine Mrs D and she persuaded me to go for it. Show them what I can do and negotiate the rest if and when the time comes.

I had an interview earlier this week and it was fine. Part way through, they asked if there was anything about the job description that I was concerned about. So I told them (even though, as I'd walked in with both sticks blazing, they would have guessed).

After a written task it was over. I felt it had gone ok but didn't hear anything that night.

As the following day progressed with no word at all, I started beating myself up. That job should've been a no brainer. What had I done wrong? Mrs D was more of the opinion that, if I didn't get the job, she'd want to know why. We know people shouldn't discriminate on the grounds of disability but, y'know, they do.

Long story short, they called at around 4.30pm to offer me the job.

It's part time for seven months and I can do a lot of the work (which is totally within my skillset) from home. Perfect.

So for the next seven months, I'll be a fully paid up member of the CULTURAL ELITE again. Did I ever really leave?

(As an aside, I looked for an image of the CULTURAL ELITE to illustrate this post. But on looking at the second image which came up on Google, I realised that I have worked with three of the people in the picture. And I know the photographer. I do not know ANYONE in the image above!)

If anyone reading this is always seeing jobs which they can 85-90% do, don't let the other 10-15% - which might be beyond your physical capabilities - put you off. Have faith, know your worth, and go for it.

(Told you!)

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