Tuesday, 16 October 2018

snake oil radar

In my ongoing health "journey" (ugh) I've tried some odd things. Reiki. Wackily restrictive diets. Prescribed medications which made me go psychotic.

But even I would draw the line at drinking my own urine.

I'm sure* that you will agree.

But the idea of urine therapy is something that popped up on my snake oil radar yesterday.
Don't worry - this isn't coming from any recognised or qualified source. It's just a crank on the internet called Kevin Hinkle, a self-proclaimed urine therapy advocate (is that what's on his passport**?).

In a long and rambling Instagram post (which I won't dignify by linking to here) he talks about its "known" ability to heal disease, including "cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and hundreds more".

He even claims that it will whiten your teeth - common sense tells me that would be the LAST thing it would do. 

Don't worry, he includes some hard-hitting science. 
Because it is created by your own body, it helps to re-educate your immune system as what is foreign and what is domestic. It helps to teach your system and fine tune it to recognize pathogens and invaders. It's similar to reading a book for the second time or watching a movie for the second time.
So that's fine then.

Apologies for the snarkiness. There might be something in this, there might not***.

I've had a deeper look at his Insta profile (so you don't have to) and he spends a great deal of time rubbishing the 'deadly neurotoxin' fluoride, while talking about how the sun protects you from cancer (which can be created by the chemicals in - you guessed it - Sunscreen).

More importantly, this is yet another example of the fact that the Information Superhighway (as all the cool kids are calling it) is a wonderful and scary place.

Anyone can publish something online and reach a potentially massive audience - which is a GOOD thing.


Anyone can publish something online and reach a potentially massive audience - which is a TERRIFYING thing.

* = fervently hope 
** = pissport
*** = probably isn't

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