Friday, 19 July 2019

meeting with my neurologist

I had my annual MS MOT earlier this week. If you're anything like me, you'll have waited all year for a precious meeting with your Neurologist so you write a list of topics and questions in advance.

And after going through them - and doing the "follow-the-tip-of-this-pen-with-your-eyes" trick - you get outside and realise that only 10-15 minutes have passed.

The good news is that the last couple of MRIs have been good - no new lesions, no sign of Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy (PML) - and he's really pleased with how things are going.

Which is great because you've spent the last few weeks in a state of insomnia-induced high-anxiety. Is this a new symptom? Is my mobility worsening? Or does MS simply continue to be a fluctuating and endlessly slippery bugger?

As I've mentioned before, by the time my infusion comes around I can really feel ready for it. And one of the things worrying me was a feeling that this pre-infusion feeling was getting longer.

When I mentioned this, my neurologist said that this was a "placebo" - I think (HOPE) this was a slip of the tongue and he meant psychosomatic. And anyway, how's YOUR Greek?

So that's cool.

Having said that, when I had my infusion a couple of days later, I felt bloody great afterwards.

This was probably helped by the fact that this infusion (my 23rd) was the quickest one yet. I was in and out in less than 90 minutes, including pre-infusion observation, magic bag o' Tysabri and post-influsion flush.

If things continue as they are (no disease activity on a disease modifying therapy I can get on with), I don't see any need for me to change my medication. Especially because the next option for me - Ocrevus - would involve me having a Lumbar Puncture, something which I've managed to avoid so far.

Even though Spinal Tap is one of my favourite films ever, I really don't fancy it.

LOLZ from the clinic
I wore my FES to my last infusion - but obviously I pulled my shorts up hastily after a trip to the bathroom.

Which resulted in me looking as though I was giving my junk an electrical charge.

extreme new treatement for MS

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