Thursday, 7 May 2009

floating baby moses

More news from the front line.

This current attack is still sticking around - I've been relying on my stick more and more and I had to miss work last Friday. Sitting around doing nothing over the bank holiday weekend didn't seem to help, either. I made it into work on Tuesday, using taxis to get around (driving really isn't an option) but it really knackered me out. So I came home early and haven't been back since.

This is probably the worst attack I've had since I was first diagnosed - I'm really having a lot of trouble lifting my leg and getting around anywhere seems to take at least twice as long as normal. I spoke to the MS Society helpline and the MS Nurses at the QMC, who recommended that I come in for a course of steroids.

This sucks - since diagnosis I've been consciously trying to avoid taking any meds of any sort - call it the "floating baby Moses" technique (AKA "in de Nile").

However, this year I've started taking pills for "toilet issues" (3-a-day of something traditionally used by people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Tomorrow I'm seeing my GP to hopefully start taking the stuff my neurologist mentioned the other week (to give me more energy - apologies for the lack of brand names, the letter is upstairs and our house has three floors).

And now I'm going to see the Nurses on Monday to possibly take three loads of high-strength steroids (one intravenously, with two loads of pills). Great.

Work is being very understanding - I'm a member of the Senior Management Team and the only people who know currently are the other three SMT members. I think people were impressed that I could be bothered to turn up on Tuesday, but I get the feeling that my boss is pleased that I'm going to be trying to sort it out - necking pills rather than having a "nice rest".

We're having an away-day next week and we're probably going to end up talking about my health - the MS Society were really great and are sending me some documents about working with the condition. I may even do a PowerPoint slideshow.
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