Tuesday 31 March 2015

nothing to see here

Well, no news is good news.

My MS seems to be behaving itself on the whole - which is great obviously, but doesn't make for a massively compelling blog.

Some you win, some you lose!

The weirdest thing which has happened recently is I've found myself thinking more and more about our old house and our delightful neighbours. I know that Mrs.D is feeling the same - she even had a dream about it last night.

I guess that this time last year we were right in the middle of it all [literally] - and we're so much happier where we are now. We have lovely neighbours on both sides, about whom we know only the barest of details - which is exactly how we want it.

We moved into our new house in November, after which we went straight into a family wedding and Christmas. It's odd but this is probably the first bit of down-time we've had.

And in a way, the whole situation was so awful, it's almost like we have a mild version of PTSD - I don't like looking at photos of us in the house from last year. Even the happy ones, I think "oh yeah, that was just before THAT happened".

To have to deal with that level of upheaval and disruption in the last year before our little girl goes to school... it just makes me furious thinking about it! To be honest, I think it's amazing that our marriage survived, never mind the fact that I didn't have some kind of MS episode.

On a recent weekend we went to see my parents before they went on holiday and it reminded me that around this time last year, my parents were away so the three of us went and stayed at their place - just to be out of our house and to get a guaranteed decent night's sleep!

Last week we were at Center Parcs in Sherwood again - I have more to say about our break later but this will be the last time we won't have to pay the frankly ASTONISHING prices which they charge during the school holidays.

When we went there last year, it was at a time when we thought that SHE was going to be evicted - when we returned it was obvious that this was not going to happen.

I know it's not healthy to focus on this stuff but it's amazing how raw it still is for us all. Consider this a cleaning out of my closet.

Having said that, I might re-upload some bits of this blog which I removed in the run-up to the house sale - I know that some of you JACKALS will get a kick out of that..! And I might find it a little cathartic, too.

Onwards and upwards!