Tuesday 29 December 2009

updates and odd phone calls, etc

Been a bit quiet just recently, trying to concentrate on being HAPPY and FESTIVE, without thinking too much about BEING ILL. Some chance!

Work ground to a halt last week but not before I had a conversation with my boss on my last day which thoroughly wound me up - not exactly as supportive as I would have hoped. But this needs a more thought-through update than this - I've not wanted to think about the stuff that this chat threw up over the Christmas period so I'll get back to you about this later.

Recently Access to Work started reimbursing me for the many taxis I've been taking to work and back. They're also paying for some snazzy new office furniture - which is cool, considering the faff I've had with them.

Big news is that my Disability Living Allowance has started coming through - only at the lowest level for Mobility and Care components but very helpful.

Especially as we've decided to stop paying rent and finally buy a house - we've been keeping our eyes open for a while but this one came up in the right area just before Christmas. Our offer's been accepted, searches are being done, now we wait for the results and eventually the keys. Look forward to wallpaper updates coming to this blog soon!

Odd phone call - received one earlier today telling me that my Rebif will be arriving tomorrow.

Following my previous post, we thought about our (lack of) options and decided to see how we got on with... erm... breeding, I guess. Which was nice, obviously.

Then we had a weekend in Leeds and, while walking round the shops, my legs started playing silly beggars AGAIN. So we decided that, we should get on with the drugs ASAP (especially considering the up-coming house purchase).

* oddly enough, we had a further note from the Neuro we saw back in November which was a lot more positive about side-effects then we'd thought previously - I'll dig it out to share with you later on.

So there you have it - tomorrow I await what the person from the drug company called "a big delivery" - sharps bin, starter doses, RebiSmart gizmo. I'm going to the MS Nurses on Monday for my first dose and a tutorial.

Hey - in case I have any trouble figuring out where to inject next, guess what? There's (amazingly) an App for that!