Friday 7 February 2020

i don't write to waste my time

As a long-time friend of the blog and Person I've Actually Met In Real Life, SwissLet recently invited me to take part on his site. He sporadically logs his earworms and he wondered if I'd like to have a go.

Really? Asking me to blather on about music? The very idea...

So obviously I did it. And I probably went a little bit overboard, meticulously logging the songs which genuinely appeared unbidden on my internal iPod first thing in the morning all week.

If you need some of that in your brain pan, please visit his blog here. My playlist features D'Angelo, Harry Nilsson, Super Furry Animals, Stereolab, Bonny Light Horseman, The Pointer Sisters and - OF COURSE - Killdozer.

Obviously, I LOVED doing this. So much so that I may do it again (whether he wants me to or not).