Thursday, 2 February 2023

i believe in... miracles?

Over the past couple of weeks I've made a recovery that is nothing short of miraculous. Not 100% back to where I was but maybe 70%. 

Four weeks ago I was completely immobile. It took both my parents to get me on the toilet, and in order to avoid accidents I was going to the toilet every 60/90 minutes. Despite that I was wetting the bed up to three times a night. 

After I stopped taking Tamiflu, I gradually got more strength back (I say gradually because that's how it felt to me but really, I was improving in the first week). Using a rollator I was able to stand up straight, straighter than I do when I use my walking sticks, and walk around the house. One night I woke up needing the toilet and I was able to get there (on time!) on my own. That was big

After a couple of nights of this I've since been sleeping through with no issues - Intermittent Self Catheterisation FTW

Washing during the worst of my days was a scooch of deodorant and a wet wipe or a quick dab of soap and water in my parent's kitchen. My mum washed my hair in the same way. 

Now I'm able to get upstairs and into the shower, washing and drying myself independently. 

FULL DISCLOSURE: all of these little victories leave me utterly exhausted. But still, it's really amazing how it has happened. 

Last week I went home for the day for an assessment with a community nurse. She asked me loads of questions, had a good walk around the house and watched me walking with the rollator (excellent) and my sticks (better than before, thanks to the rollator, but so much more tiring.) 

Earlier today I got a call from the medical equipment company and everything we wanted will be delivered and installed next week. 

US readers: did I mention this will be free of charge? GOD SAVE THE NHS

The main thing is, next week I should be back living at home - for the first time since the end of December.