Friday 8 February 2019

my head is eating circles

My father in law is Indian and he has quite a way with words. When my wife first used this phrase, and said she'd heard it from him, I just assumed it was her Dad being her Dad.

This being a man who once asked me if I wanted to eat an "apple bastard".

But no. It's 100% legit!

It's a literal translation of the hindi, "sir chakkar kha raha hain". Used to denote giddiness, it can also be used to express puzzlement or annoyance.

And it's the perfect way to describe how my head has been recently.

Ok I'm probably not doing myself any favours taking on two jobs. And while the podcast-stuff doesn't actually feel like work (i.e. it's really enjoyable), the Photography Festival is taking up more and more time.

Obviously it starts in mid-March so the responsibilities are piling on a bit more. But it's not really like any other freelance position I've ever had. In that, they want me to be in the office pretty much all the time.

However, it's great to be getting out of the house 3-4 days of the week and having a bit of face time with actual humans (aside from the fam).

I'm sure my family appreciate me being out of the house, too.