Wednesday 2 February 2022

cleaning out my closet

This post has been sitting on my phone for absolutely AGES. After I started writing it, time became... both elastic and static. Lots has happened but nothing has happened. More to come (hopefully?) soon...


Well. Because simply everyone (err… SwissLet) was asking, here's an update. 

A couple of days after posting the last blog, I called the MS Trust's advice line. I thought about calling my MS nurse back but I thought I'd get yer classic second opinion, about Ocrevus and the COVID vaccine.

I thought my question was a bit too specific but the woman who I spoke to was brilliant. She knew exactly where I was coming from and also knew where my MS team was coming from. She said that they were right to be careful - which strangely made me feel a lot happier. Same result either way. 

I ended up watching my grandmother's funeral over Zoom. As anyone who has had to do this will know, it's better than nothing. But up until that point I was ok about not being there. Watching it from a distance, although the right thing to do, was really upsetting. I imagine it's the same for everyone who has had to do this. There's a reason why we have funerals. And to this day, it all feels a bit like unfinished business. Which is strange, because like I said earlier, I hadn't seen her properly for a long time. 

Christmas was fine. Everyone in our family understood, so they all did Lateral Flow Tests before we saw them and wore masks, at least for a little while. It was a good Christmas.


I mean, was that even worth the wait?