Monday 2 July 2012

"going anywhere nice this year...?"

The recovery from Relapse 2012 continues.

As I moaned on here incessantly, the worst thing this time was the fact that i couldn't do much to help my wife look after our baby girl.

Taking all that happened into account (combined with the British Summer Monsoon Season), my wife is understandably looking at going abroad somewhere for some sun.

Now, since my diagnosis we've been abroad many times - we even got married in Venice in August the year after my DX.

But my relapse ended on the last day of April, which is just over two months ago. And this will be the first time we've tried to leave the country with THE CHILD along for the ride.

As soon as Emma starts to talk about possible holiday destinations, my mind starts racing thinking of packing, airport parking, navigating the terminal, negotiating transfers, unpacking, ... and then doing the same thing in reverse on the way back. All coupled with the fact that we'll be doing this with a baby.

I don't want to let MS beat me on this one. But I do wonder if it's realistic to be looking at leaving the country 9 weeks from the end of a pretty debilitating attack.

I've just asked the question on the Shift.MS forum so I thought I might as well ask the question on here too!

My in-laws have offered to come along with us which isn't ideal but would help with childcare - but even taking that into account, we've still got to do that same long list of jobs at both ends of the journey.

I'm currently still not walking into work (which is a half-mile / five-minute walk) and whenever I do walk anywhere, I need to rest all the time.

Obviously, the other option is that wife and child could go on holiday without me... which would really be a shit business.

Help me, interwebz!