Thursday 17 January 2019

podcast editor for hire

After having over a year between jobs, I've now got another role to go alongside my photography festival work.

One of the people I met in Philadelphia last year was Kathy. Truth be told, she really took me under her wing during the conference and was just super friendly and helpful. She's also quite the potty mouth so we got along fine.

I asked her why she only had nail varnish on her middle finger. In answer she flipped me the bird and said, "F you MS".

It turned out that Kathy is also responsible for a podcast called FUMSnow and at the end of last year she said that she might be looking for a new editor. After asking what it would involve I said, "well, I could do that".

She gave me a few files to have a go at, plus the show-notes and related blog post to write. I really enjoyed doing it, taking the raw files, scrubbing them up, giving them a light audio polish and sticking them together. And she must have been impressed because she offered me the role right away.

The first episode I had a hand in was published last week.

Stevedomino. The gig-economy writ large. Will work for food.

If I can be of any assistance for anything like this, you knows where I ams!