Thursday 27 May 2010

upcoming radio silence

This weekend is the big move I've been banging on about recently - obviously in that time, it's unlikely I'll have the energy or phone line to get online - fingers crossed there's nothing to report!

(although hopefully by the next time we talk the pins-and-needles in my hands will have fecked off again - for the last couple of weeks, it's been taking me twice as long to type anything and getting myself washed, dressed and out the house isn't much fun either)

With that I'll sign off with LCD Soundsystem's fantastic video for "Drunk Girls" - and if you're a spambot - and believe me they've been the only comments I've had for a while - leave as many messages as you like - I'll never approve them (unless they're funny)!

Friday 14 May 2010

handy hints and top tips

As I've mentioned before, the MS nurses have advised me to take a painkiller before each injection. As I've ALSO previously mentioned, my past experiences with, for example, Modafinil have given me reason to be wary of taking drugs willy-nilly.

My dad has also warned me about taking ibuprofen "like tuffy's".

So last week I did my Rebif dose without taking a painkiller beforehand.

Don't do this!

Half an hour after the injection, I was a shivering, achy, nauseous wreck. I guess this is what that horribly-vague side-effect "flu-like symptoms" looks like.

Do I still have a problem with taking six 200mg capsules of Ibuprofen every week? Yes.

Am I going to keep doing it? HELL YES, at least until I can talk to my Neuro.

In other news, we seem to be living under a Conservative government again. The people of the uk seem to have incredibly short memories. Disapointing.

I'd better call the MS nurses before they get cut.