Tuesday 20 November 2012

from the (not that) sick bed

We'll try that again - seeing as the new-and-improved Blogger app just lost my long draft!


So I'm at home on a sick half-day off work - no biggie, just a stinky cold which has been bubbling under for a week and which refuses to shift.

incidentally, the only good thing was the husky voice which developed over last weekend - in my head I was convinced I sounded like Tom Waits / Lee Hazelwood / Johnny Cash, until a colleague said I sounded like a Muppet. Which is obviously even better. Anyway...

So I'm trying to do the thing that I always say to people when they NOBLY come into work when they should really be at home in bed. Plus I haven't updated this blog for ages because real life keeps getting in the way.

First up, many thanks to all the people who either tweeted or left a comment on the last post - the one where I was debating whether to get involved with another round of LinkedIn-fisticuffs.

Pretty much everyone was of the opinion that I should wade in. It's good to know that if we'd known each other at school you'd all be offering to hold my coat, rather than holding me back to prevent another humiliating beat-down. Cheers.

Anyway, I DIDN'T post my response.

I know, what a sell-out. But it comes down to what I've said before, about picking yr battles and managing your stress levels.

Bear in mind that, by the point I published that post, I'd been running it over in my head for a couple of weeks - not really very good Fatigue Management, or a very good advertisement for CBT. Needless to say, my therapist wasn't very impressed with me.

Yes, I could have got involved further but would I have altered the opinions of the two guys involved? Or would I have just become another MOANING DIS-BO who complains while abusing parking along with all our other wonderful "perks"?

And anyway, I'd got it off my chest by sharing it on here with you. Thanks for listening.

Sorry that I wussed out, as opposed to STICKING IT TO THE NORMALS. I promise that - when it's a fight worth fighting - I won't bend so readily.

Hey - who wants to know which UK performing arts centre employs one of these jokers in a fairly senior role?

What??! I never said I was big OR clever, did I?