Thursday 18 February 2021

bill gates listening party today!

"I can't believe that I spent all this money inventing COVID and the vaccine so I could listen to this CRAP..."
(my working title for this blog was "lend us a pfizer" but even I thought that was too much)

So later today I'll be getting my first dose of the COVID vaccine. It's pretty bonkers that it has come around so quickly.

Only last week, I was talking to my MS Nurse about when I would be getting the vaccine. I'd noticed that some of my virtual MS friends had already had theirs. 

It turned out that this was to do with the different medication we were on - Tysabri is one of the few MS DMTs which modulates the immune system, rather than suppressing it. So it makes me Clinically Vulnerable, rather than Clinically Extremely Vulnerable. 

Good to know!

So I settled myself in for the long wait for Vaccination First Phase Priority Group 6 to roll around - Adults aged 16 to 65 years in an at-risk group.

(Vaccination First Phase Priority Group - great first John Peel session)

Well. Although the UK government is an absolute shit-show, they do seem to have grasped the value in rolling out a vaccine programme at high speed*. So I got a  text yesterday saying that an appointment had been made.

* - the need for speed may be due to a desire to reopen everything ASAP, obviously...

And in a short while I'll be heading to our local Velodrome - I'll let you know how it goes!

SPOILER ALERT: I know loads of people who've already been and it seems to run really well.