Wednesday 5 October 2011

where do i begin?

This could be a bit of an epic post!

First things first, the Indietracks gig went pretty well! Long-time visitors will know that the reason for the blogs title is the fact that I used to play in loads of bands. When my MS symptoms first came up, the tingling in my hands put a stop to most of that.

So when my good friend asked me if I'd like to play with his band Frankie Machine at Indietracks, we embarked on a series of rehearsals the likes of which I've never encountered!

The festival itself was really nice - very mellow, and laid back, plus i got to see some mates from back in the day.

We were playing in The Church and our set went really well - and it's not just my memory playing tricks, I've got a recording of it and everything!

Shortly after that, we took Evie away for her first holiday. We rented a cottage near Robin Hoods Bay for a week over our wedding anniversary.

It was great being away as a family but, to be honest, Whitby wasn't the most accessible place in the world - not with a pram and a disabled dad with a walking stick.

For a start, Robin Hoods Bay is basically one road which has something like a 1 in 25 gradient (or something). And Whitby itself is very cobbly - gawd knows how people can get around there with wheelchairs, walkers and mobility scooters, but there are a number of disabled parking spaces there so I guess people do!

The really shit stuff started TWO HOURS after we got home...

(To be continued... believe it or not!)

Friday 29 July 2011


slack blogging... parenthood...blah

I'll tell you what really is a shit business? Breast Feeding - yeah I know it wouldn't be a massively filling meal for Evie if I did it...

But there's SO MUCH pressure on women (especially in the UK) that 'breast is best', that if for some reason it doesn't work out, a lot of the young mums we know drive themselves to distraction trying to force the issue.

My tuppen'orth: Just because something is NATURAL, it don't necessarily follow that it comes NATURALLY.

(see also: CHILDBIRTH)

So what else has happened?

Well as mentioned before, it's crazy how good you can feel even with disrupted sleep. I'm pleased that I feel I'm doing some good in the parenting stakes.

The best thing? This may sound weird from a blogger who mostly analyses his health, but...

It's really great not to be the most important thing in the world.

Seriously. Because this little person needs constant observation and entertainment, I don't have so much time to think, "oh what's that little twinge? Is it a relapse? Or a new symptom?"

Basically, I have to get over myself. And it's great.

Also in dispatches:
  1. I'm playing guitar and keyboards for my mate Frankie Machine at Indietracks on Sunday - we've been rehearsing like mad for the last few weeks, I'm really looking forward to it. Just glad to be able to play really!
  2. I went for an eye test the other week and they offered me the opportunity to have a really detailed photo taken of my retina. As I know that many people with MS can have issues with their eyesight, I thought I'd get it done. I should apologise up front for that fact that I didn't get a copy of the images!

    Basically, it's mildly uncomfortable - like the air-puffer-glaucoma test thingy - because you have to really widen your eye. One of them was absolutely fine, the other one had a dark shadow on it.

    The optician didn't really think it was anything to massively stress about (mostly because I don't have any other symptoms) but I'm trying to sort out an Opthamology appointment at the hospital to get it checked out properly.
More to come after my (hopefully) triumphant return to the live arena!

Sunday 1 May 2011


Evie Rose Woodward was born at 5.30am on Tuesday 12 April, weighing 8lb 5oz.

Since then, life has become a dizzying carousel of nappies, cooing, and snatches of sleep grabbed when we can.

Our families have been fantastic, helping out loads. My health has been ok - it's amazing what you can do with a good couple of hours of solid sleep!

Fingers crossed that continues.