Saturday 30 November 2019

the blogger's conundrum: an ongoing series

Despite appearances to the contrary, I think about writing something here several times a day.

But... well.

See if you can pick the meat off this lot!

I had an MRI scan recently

But I got into the scanner bang on time for my appointment. And as I mentioned last time, it was almost entirely pleasant.

The only bummer was when I had to redo a section because my legs were spasming all over the place.

My last Tysabri infusion was a bit odd

For some reason I'd been booked onto the system on a day when hey didn't even do infusions. Dramarama.

Except not. Because they got me in and out even quicker than normal. Ok I had to sit in a normal hospital ward with some genuinely ill people.

But still. Hardly the stuff of misery memoirs, right?

I recently had a minor medical procedure

It was nerve-wracking but still. No more than 20 minutes of mild discomfort.

Undoubtedly an odd experience. But MS has given me a higher-than-normal tolerance for weird medical appointments.

Not the sort of content which will get me a book deal. Worst thing is, I've not been able to go swimming for two weeks.

Christ. That's it!

I've had some podcast meetings and enquiries. And it seems to be ticking along quite nicely. Could always do with more, so if you know anyone, get them to get in touch via The Podcasting Editor website.

My MS seems to be behaving itself mostly. Sleep can be hard to come by. And I've been waking up pretty stiff most mornings. But the lack of sleep won't be helping that will it? Or the lack of swimming.

If it's ok with you, I'll try to keep it this dull from now on.