Tuesday 16 November 2021

the crappiest of crap gaps

The crap gap: the period immediately in the lead up to another round of MS medications, particularly infusions, when the patient begins to feel particularly fatigued and "ready for it." Psychosomatic according to some neurologists, it nonetheless fells particularly real to the patient. 
Cast your mind back a few months. I spoke with my neuro about my JC Virus count. As it was rising - and because I'd been in Tysabri for four years - he advised me to change my medication. And due to the nature of these new meds he needed me to have a lumbar puncture to ensure that the JC hadn't got into my spinal column. 
I think I wrote quite enough about that particular experience! 

At the time of that initial phone call my neuro said that I'd probably be able to sneak in one more dose of Tysabri before the changeover. Cushty. 

However I think my LP appointment came through a lot quicker than anyone was expecting. And obviously (although - FULL DISCLOSURE - I didn't put two and two together like a div) if I had one more dose of Tysabri I would need to have another LP. 

And as mentioned previously, that ain't happening again. 

So even though I started writing this post a long time ago, after nine and a half weeks without any DMT, tomorrow I'll be getting my first half-dose of Ocrevus. 

In fact, by the time this gets published, I'll be having it already.

And how am I feeling?

Well, apart from being completely knackered, and - oddly - really looking forward to my first dose, I feel pretty good. Apart from feeling pissed off with my neuro.

Because, despite how I felt before every one of my Tysabri infusions. Hell, even despite how I felt before each of my Rebif injections. And despite the fact that every MSer I've spoken to about how they feel between doses has said that the crap gap is real.

Even with all of that, I honestly feel ok. 
So my neuro is apparently correct about the crap gap being all in our heads.