Wednesday 5 October 2011

where do i begin?

This could be a bit of an epic post!

First things first, the Indietracks gig went pretty well! Long-time visitors will know that the reason for the blogs title is the fact that I used to play in loads of bands. When my MS symptoms first came up, the tingling in my hands put a stop to most of that.

So when my good friend asked me if I'd like to play with his band Frankie Machine at Indietracks, we embarked on a series of rehearsals the likes of which I've never encountered!

The festival itself was really nice - very mellow, and laid back, plus i got to see some mates from back in the day.

We were playing in The Church and our set went really well - and it's not just my memory playing tricks, I've got a recording of it and everything!

Shortly after that, we took Evie away for her first holiday. We rented a cottage near Robin Hoods Bay for a week over our wedding anniversary.

It was great being away as a family but, to be honest, Whitby wasn't the most accessible place in the world - not with a pram and a disabled dad with a walking stick.

For a start, Robin Hoods Bay is basically one road which has something like a 1 in 25 gradient (or something). And Whitby itself is very cobbly - gawd knows how people can get around there with wheelchairs, walkers and mobility scooters, but there are a number of disabled parking spaces there so I guess people do!

The really shit stuff started TWO HOURS after we got home...

(To be continued... believe it or not!)