Thursday, 14 May 2009

steroids day 3 - pt.2 and work stuff

Well, day 3 rolled in and out again without a whole mess of fuss; took a seat was plugged into bag #3, listened to the latest Adam & Joe podcast and 90 minutes later it was all over. I'd been concerned since Monday that removing the plasters surrounding the 'tap' inserted into my arm would be pretty uncomfortable (I'm a bit hairy, not freakishly so, just a bit of 'manly-fuzz') but that was all fine; I just asked the Nurse to rip the damn thing off.

No, the freaky bit came when they took the needle out of my wrist. Obviously that little bugger had been making itself pretty comfortable in there and had started to heal up. Plus, I didn't look when it was being put in place so I had no idea how far in it had gone - about an inch, all told. Yuck.

Since I started this treatment, I've had really uncomfortable heart-burn and have been plagued with hiccups - no biggie, I just find them so annoying! Balance has shown some improvement so far, so it's looking like the last three days have been draining but worthwhile.

Went to bed when I got back from the hospital (power-naps!) - woke to find two messages from my boss to 'see how i was doing'. The rest of the Senior Management Team had had a meeting and the topic of my condition had come up - apparently they're getting lots of questions from other staff members and the SMT think it might be time for 'full disclosure'.

I have to say my boss has been pretty amazing since I started there and told him of my situation on my very first day (high-risk strategy?). Very supportive with regards to the minimal impact that it has had on my life prior to this current attack.

But this conversation really got my back up - I don't think I lost my temper with him but I was quite clear that it's my decision when and how I disclose this to the other staff. I don't really want to have people clucking around me or tutting at me if I work late or offering to carry my lunch, etc.

I sent him a copy of this document from the MS Society, which may have come across as a little bit aggressive but I thought it contained some interesting stuff from both sides (theirs and mine).

Just spoke to my parents and they think it might be best for me if everybody knows - just get it out in the open and show them that I can still do my job, thank you very much.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

This is tough.

I told my boss because honestly I feel like it can be impossible not to. Especially in a situation that you're in where you're out of the office and everyone is asking questions...what are you supposed to say, "yea I had a bad fall?" You can only cover it up so long. But at the same time, its your choice. So I say if you dont want to tell, make up some sweet story.

Tell them you got attacked by a mountain goat while climbing the summit of Everest. They will know its a lie, but it gets the point across that you dont want to talk about it.

Just remember that you can never un-tell them, so make sure its EXACTLY what you want.

stevedomino said...

thanks a lot, Jackie - good point about the 'un-tell', there's no rewind after that is there?!