Wednesday, 7 October 2009


I feel like I should probably have gone into my experience of Reiki a bit more. So here goes!

The lady who "did me" was a friend of my parents. My dad had a golfing injury a few years back and after necking painkillers and putting on hot and cold compresses, he thought he'd give Reiki a go. Now, my dad is a cynical old bugger. He went along to be polite and felt utterly stupid as this woman he knew waved her hands over his wrist. When he woke up the next day feeling absolutely fine, he had to call her to apologise.

So I decided to go along, not in the hope that she would cure my MS completely (although it would be nice) but that she might relieve my shoulder pain and help me get some sleep.

Luckily, I'd never met Trish before so there was no awkwardness for me but I did still keep my eyes shut throughout. And similar to when I had a massage earlier this year (and FULL DISCLOSURE a facial - I'm not ashamed), I really had to concentrate on my expression and trying not to laugh. I was surprised by how hands-on the treatment was - I was expecting Trish to wave her hands over my body.

As I mentioned last time, she picked up on my shoulder pain without any prompting, as well as picking up on wear and tear on my right knee (makes sense when you think that a couple of weeks ago I was unable to move my left leg so would have been putting a fair bit of pressure on the other one).

Trish said that some people experienced changes in temperature during a session, and this was certainly true for me. My left leg in particular went icy cold when she was working on it.

The only downside to the whole session was due to the fact that it took place in Trish's house. Her husband is a smoker so I found the faint whiff of cigarette smoke increasingly distracting (I'm an ex-smoker so am now really intolerant of them).

I'm going to see her again in a couple of days. I may take my own towel round to lie on. But how rude would that look?! Hopefully my folks will have had a word with her by then.


Jackie Z said...

So my sister knows this Reiki woman. I'm thinking of going to see her too in addition to the Shaman. I figure hell, if I'm gonna get all spiritual and flaky I might as well do it up. Some people swear by it...who knows.

stevedomino said...

Yeah, I'm still unsure I guess - we will try anything, won't we?! One of my neuros is trying to get clearance to a crazy a study where he'll inject these microscopic worms into people with MS - said worms will then travel around eating AND HEALING scar tissue.

I'm quite interested, my wife is less so.

Jackie Z said...

I actually heard about this! A friend sent me an article about it. Seems totally crazy.

I dunno. I dont know if I could do it. Talk about feeling like there was something crawling on you...

stevedomino said...

Apologies to the Anonymous commenter - I accidentally rejected your comment, which was:

Reiki it's Bullshit....
if u want know something of the universe, learn about Phisics, Chemistry, Math, Astronomy....

reiki is BULLSHIT

Just had a third session - still unsure but I do find it incredibly relaxing. Which is a good thing, no?