Wednesday, 14 October 2009

the return

Responding to comments on my most recent posts has reminded me that I should really blog something, seeing as my sick-note expires today and I go back to work tomorrow.

Btw those comments were from Jackie at MSunderstood whose blog kicks a sizeable amount of ass - you have been told.

I'm really dreading it in a "end-of-the-summer-holidays" kind-of way - my dad has brought up my brother and I to regard work as a necessary evil, something which interrupts your leisure time. However, I had a good conversation with my boss the other day; his main concern is that I shouldn't come back to work too soon, and when I do return it should be a staggered return - so my plan is to go in tomorrow, get my face around, check messages and after a couple of hours bring some work home with me.

I might sound like a total slacker (and if the cap fits...) but from the last couple of weeks I know only too well that if I try to do too much it totally spanks me. And my family really don't need to go through another relapse before the end of the year, thank you very much.

Other news? I had another session of Reiki - obviously it's not going to cure my MS but at the very least it's really meditative - it's really cool to have a chance to just sit and do nothing but breathe for an hour or so. Going again this weekend so she should be able to rid me of any work stress that I might get over the next two days!

I picked up some new tablets which were recently suggested by the MS nurse - Modafinil for fatigue (this is a tablet which was created to help people with Narcolepsy, for gawd's sake!) and Diazepam for my nightly restless-legs. Guess what? Loads of possible side-effects so I haven't taken any yet. It's amazing what a fear I've developed of medical science...

So tomorrow is the return to work. Wish me luck!


Jackie Z said...

Thanks for the nod.

But I too am terrified of new medications and side effects. After that whole "this medication caused you to have a pericardial effusion and emergency surgery around your heart" thing...I'm a lot more hesitant to just take whatever.

And now I have this dilemma where I might have to start another new drug...but the problem with this one is that is known to exacerbate MS...what to do. what to do. Oh the days of just having one disease...wasn't that nice..

I've found that no one actually reads those crazy long inserts that come with medications...I do now.

stevedomino said...

I know that those things have to include EVERY POSSIBLE side effect (case in point: anti-fatigue drugs which may possibly cause fatigue). But I always check them out now, after having a major freak out with Amantadine and then realising that everything that was going on was listed on the info sheet.

Which I guess is why I currently own three boxes of untouched Meds...

Lisa Emrich said...

So glad I stumbled across your blog. I'm changing meds very soon too. Scary shift and all. Hopefully it's worth it.