Wednesday, 28 April 2010

anthem for the earnest

  1. After hitting the 12 week marker, the Rebif side-effects seem to be calming down - if you remember, I called the MS nurses about my day-after-injection flu-like symptoms, flakiness and mood swings. They said it would take around 12 weeks for my body to get used to the full dosage and, lo and behold, i hit the 12 week marker recently and have noticed a real improvement - more energy in the mornings and less headaches. Sweet.

  2. However, following my initial honeymoon period, I'm now well-and-truly bored of injecting myself.

  3. I went to collect my orthotic sock - it's actually more like a medical sling / support and not very sexy (surprising I know). The nurse fitted it for me and on the little bit of walking I did afterwards, it DID seem to help (driving was a bitch, however). Since then I haven't been able to get the bugger on - diagrammatical instructions are no good for me.

  4. The result of my first blood test came back OK - after the doctors had managed to find my blood, which appeared to have been sent on a tour of the East Midlands. Anyhoo, my liver function checked out OK too. Had my second test yesterday, so it's all looking good.

  5. Can anybody recommend a job which will pay me lots of money for very little work? All recommendations gratefully received!

  6. Through over-work and extra responsibilities, coupled with the fact that we're buying a house, I seem to be having a kind-of mini-relapse. No major changes as far as my walking is concerned, but the tingling and lack of sensitivity in my hands is making typing(for example) heavy weather. Annoying. This has been going on for a week or so.

  7. Taxi Drivers continue to be the bane of my life - one yesterday was THE. MOST. BAD-TEMPERED one yet. He obviously had a problem with the shortness of the journey, so he proceeded to try to KILL ME, driving at lunatic speeds down narrow residential streets and grumbling to himself throughout. The guy I had today was a positive angel, so it was a shame that he'd obviously been farting away quite merrily on the drive to pick me up.
More updates from the house of glamour soon!

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