Thursday, 2 December 2010

it isn't always you-know-what...

The comment by Jackie on my recent post really chimed with me.

I think this is a problem that I certainly suffer with - that every little bump in the road is to do with MS and/or a progression of the disease - when quite often it's just STUFF that EVERYONE has to deal with.

So insomnia - yes, the feeling that I might need to go to the loo in the night can be distracting and the thought that I might have an accident in the night can be enough to keep me awake.

But the main cause of insomnia is - as Jackie said - just stupid stuff flying around my head.

Case in point - Monday is an injection day. Is the Rebif keeping me awake, or is it because Tuesday's at work are filled with meetings, which means I rarely (if ever) get anything done? So I will spend the night before making mental to-do lists, having long and protracted arguments with colleagues, listening to endless random ear-worms, etc.

Y'know - like YOU ALL do.

Which came first - the DMD or the Tuesday meeting?

As an aside, I've always LOATHED Tuesdays, even as a kid.

Think about it: on Monday, you can have the whole, "Did you have a good weekend?" conversation; on Wednesdays you're half-way through; Thursday is practically the weekend; Friday actually is.

But Tuesday is all on its own - adrift, miles away from the nearest Good Time.

Anyway, it'll soon be Christmas.

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