Monday, 26 March 2012

suck and blow

Ok, that's enough faux tension. Long story short (if there's anybody still out there):

- within 30 minutes of arriving back from holiday, we were joined by 2 groups of family members - one from my side, one from Emma's.
- each arrived with a separate story of a relationship ending - one a broken-off engagement, the other a marriage with two kids.
- in each case the people we're closest to (there's no nice way of saying this) were/are at fault.
- being the only link between two separate but weirdly similar situations put our little family in the uniquely shitty position of the fulcrum (or apex?) of crap.

I know, we're not the people going through it but at one point I started getting panic attacks. It was really stressful for all involved and I'm thankful for the fact that it didn't bring about a relapse.

Yeah, sucks for me right?

We had a really nice weekend away (this should've been the wedding weekend! I know, how cold are we?!) and Evie's first Christmas was great.

All of which made it difficult to write a MS themed blog - I'm still conflicted about what I'm writing this for.

However some issues (mostly toilet-related, I'm afraid) continue to cause me trouble. And within the last week I'm having some killer mobility problems.

So I appear to be looking down the barrel of a Relapse - with the type of MS I have it was always "in the post" (or "dispatched from the warehouse" if you prefer). It was only ever the actual 'date of delivery' that was in doubt.

But this is the first relapse I've had since I started my Rebif injections. And this is way lighter than my last one - like with the volume turned down, if that makes sense.

Got an appointment with the MS nurse team tomorrow so should hopefully have more of a clue then!

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