Friday, 14 December 2012

shit happens

A weird week, and a perfect reminder that it's not always MS.

So for the last couple of weeks, I've had a seemingly-endless crappy cold.

Yes, it's just a cold. But throughout this - probably because I'm such a slacker - I've been going into work as usual.

(as an aside, this cartoon appeared in our paper right in the middle of all this - round about the time a colleague complained about having MY COLD)

Plus now Evie is around, it's almost like a never-ending game of PASS THE BUG.

We've all had this cold, which has led to many disturbed nights' sleep.

So you can imagine how pleased I was when yesterday we were all convinced I was having a relapse. Inability to lift my legs, inability to carry anything, loss of manual sensation, lower levels of cognition, blah, blah, blah.

It was a really hard day for us all, coming so close to Christmas, and at the end of a fairly shitty year.

For the last week we've all been waking each other up with coughing and spluttering so last night we decided that I should use the spare bed in the office we spent so long clearing out earlier this year.

So after a decent night's sleep, my legs are "back on-line", my brain seems to be okayish, and I can carry things.

Within reason - this morning, I totally passed-out in our kitchen. Which was nice. In my mind, I look something similar to this (although it's just a little bump in reality).

As such I'm working from home today - in our lovely office.

So why share all of this, especially after my recent rants about the MSer trend of MOANING ALL THE TIME?

Just to give it all a bit of balance - another time, this might've turned into a full-blown relapse. But more often than not, there might be other elements at play. There're a lot of shitty viruses out there, so don't do like I did and continue to drag yourself into work regardless - we all need to look after ourselves, yes?

But hey! I received my Disability Living Allowance Christmas Bonus for 2012* the other day.

(* genuinely this is what it's called! I've never won anything in my life before - LUCKY, LUCKY ME)

That extra £10 (TEN WHOLE POUNDS!) will go a long way. I was chatting with my Grandma the other day - she gets enough for a months gas bill.

I'll be lucky if I manage to get a box of candles!

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