Friday, 18 January 2013


Question: Why is being in a hospital so FRICKING exhausting?

Last week was my annual check-up with the MS team at the QMC. Emma came with me because I can have the tendency to, not exactly sugar-coat things, but maybe play things down a wee bit.


The Neurologist
We asked him if there were any new treatments in the pipeline. He said:

"Not really"

Basically the pills everyone was talking about recently are, as we thought, mostly for people who have two relapses quickly on the bounce.

So you can keep those, thanks mate. *fingers crossed*

The MS Nurse
Our question for her was about the recovery from my last relapse. I know that Emma was a little bit worried about the length of my recovery and my continued weakness.

But as my relapse only (ha!) ended in May, I wondered if maybe this was normal.

Her answer?

"It might be"

Is this a level of clinical vagueness which is particular to MS?

I KNOW that MS is full of all kinds of wacky unknowns - that's one of the things we all love about it. But sometimes...

The Physio
She had a look at the walking-stick I use (which - get this! - was a hand-me-down from my NINETY-TWO year-old GRANDMA. Which is quite something for your ego to take, i can tell you).

Well. Turns out its an inch too small.

If you stand normally with your stick at your side, it should ideally come up to the knuckly-hinge bit of your wrist.

So she went and got me one that's the correct size.

Yes it's ugly, NHS-grey and probably the SAME model as my Grandma's current one, but it bloody works.

So there.

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