Thursday, 25 April 2013

eat y'self fitter?

Thanks to the mighty Jackie Zimmerman for tagging me on Facebook for this video. All praise unto her, etc. etc.

Since I was diagnosed way back when I've been conscious of the need to eat well in order to stay healthy generally. I've been a bit cynical about all the "Eat Yourself Healthy" books I saw in my first trawls around the Internet upon diagnosis but this is interesting nonetheless.

Check it out.

As Mrs Domino is a vegetarian, nothing in this video is a massive shock - when I do eat meat, it's always organic, we eat a lot of vegetables and are pretty healthy lifestyle-wise. Not sure about eating plates of offal, but the rest is pretty-much par for the course.

Anyway - this post is also an excuse if any were needed to share this song by The Fall - any readers outside of the UK who have been taken in by Downton Abbey, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Upstairs Downstairs and the rest, THIS is what the majority of resdients in England both look and sound like.

It is my job to pass on Truths. You're Welcome!


Ms. CrankyPants said...

Very interesting video about the Wahl's (sp?) diet. I'm on the Swank many blasted diets...but am hopeful that proper eating will help keep my MS (and any other diseases lurking on the sidelines) stable.

I happen to know you're lying about how British people look because I watch TV and they're always classy, witty, and attractive. My current obsession is Andrew Lincoln, so don't bother to convince me otherwise. That music video is clearly a hoax, damn you.

stevedomino said...

andrew lincoln does exist (but he will ALWAYS be Egg from "This Life" - - so it might be best to view that video as a "picture from life's other side" - and maybe as one of the reasons that doesn't live in this country anymore...

Ms. CrankyPants said...

Stumbling in Flats has told me about This Life; am concerned about Andy (we're quite friendly) playing a character named "Egg."

Honeysuckle said...

For a great experience, play the videos simultaneously!

stevedomino said...

Very much approve of this!