Thursday, 4 April 2013


So Gabapentin is great for my leg spasms - and it also means I sleep like a log (and snore like a warthog - sorry Mrs D!).

It beats spending another night at the Disco(Leg)thèque anyway.

I feel a bit woozy in the morning but I like to think that adds to my charming muddle-headed slacker persona at work. Let's see how it works out on days when I actually have to do some real work!

This morning I went to the doctors so I've got a scrip for getting my Vitamin D levels checked out - there has been a lot of talk in various MS-related circles about this recently. - so will be checking this out soon.

A friend of mine who has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome had this done recently and found that her levels were something like 15% of what they should have been - she says that the supplement she's been taking since then has improved her tiredness, muscle and joint pain. So it's got to be worth a go.


swisslet said...

I take vitamin d as part of my morning pill dose up (at the moment it's d, fish oils and glucosamine for my failing joints). Just like the avonex I inject, I have no idea if its making any difference, but seems worth a go!

Good news about the disco legs.

Ms. CrankyPants said...

After a particularly dreadful relapse, the doc checked my Vitamin D levels; they were worryingly low. Got a prescription for a mega dose of "the D" (that's what it's called on the street, so you know -- 'Hey, man, got any D?'). Seemed to help. Since then, I've stabilized and am taking 4000 mcg daily.

stevedomino said...

cheers - we shall see what the results say!