Monday, 8 April 2013

well, well, i am bad

(not really)

But 'Leonard' by Sharon Van Etten was soundtracking writing this post - in much the same way that she soundtracked my relapse last year - memories...!

Anyway, that title is preferable to "the waiting is the hardest part" which sprang immediately to mind - and I can't hear Tom Petty anymore without having flashbacks to the 4 hour (FOUR HOUR!!!) documentary that i watched a few months back.

I'm a sucker for a music documentary but seriously - "exhaustive" doesn't even come close.

So on Saturday i went to my local walk-in centre to get some blood taken which will get sent to get my Vitamin D levels - this was on one of the sunniest days we've had in ages, the irony of which was not lost on me as i waited for about an hour while my wife and child played at a nearby park.

Anyhoo, we'll see what the tests say.

I find myself in a weird position of hoping that the levels are low so that I can actually do something positive about them - y'know, like I want to be ill enough to take a massive supplement.


I've been somewhat distracted while writing this post by the news that Margaret Thatcher has died, aged 87.

She was the Conservative Prime Minister for 11 years, and throughout her term continuously demonised the weak, the poor, the ill and the disabled. She also tried her damnedest to dismantle the Welfare State in this country, with policies that were vile, pernicious and downright evil.

It's ironic that she has died on the same day that sweeping changes have been made to the way that Disability Benefits are paid.

She would have been 'proud' of what the current government is trying to do.

And I hope it's warm enough for her where she's (undoubtedly) going.


Ms. CrankyPants said...

It's strange to wish you worryingly low Vitamin D levels, but there you have it! Keep us posted...

stevedomino said...

yeah i know - it reminds me of the time i was knee-deep in relapse but the doctor said it might be the effects of a urinary infection - so i was there going [fingers-crossed], "come on, urine infection"...

that's when i learned that ms makes us wish for strange things!