Tuesday, 7 May 2013

the horrible truth

Feel (and hear) my pain...
In my defence, I had to submit three news stories in advance to discuss. When I arrived at the station, I was kept waiting in reception until 11.14 (I was due on at 11.15) - when I was dragged up to the studio and plonked into a chair behind a microphone.

Quick hello to the presenter (I've been on with her before) and we were off.

The three stories I decided to talk about were something to do with the local theatre, then something about the new Culture Secretary (as I said before, Derby's Cultural Elite), before we talked about the thing I really wanted to get onto - MS Awareness Week.

Obviously, she decided to flip the order and go straight for the jugular, which is why - IF YOU CAN BEAR IT - you'll actually be able to hear me flapping. In the break in our chat she did say that she would've told me what she was going to do if I'd been brought into the studio earlier.

Man, do I really use the word "STUFF" that much? And me a fricking English Graduate.

If you listen carefully, you can actually hear me physically groping for words. I think I even managed to avoid describing what MS actually is - informative. And I seemed to get really stuck on the word AWARENESS.

Anyway, it makes me want to die of embarrassment and I forgot to mention so many things but people tell me I did OK.

By the time I talked about the other stories it was much more chatty - like I'd warmed up. Which is what I would have ideally done if I'd left the MS story to last.

MsCrankyPants - if you're reading this, I'm guessing that you'll also have a Vanessa Williams power-ballad in your head right now - "Just when I thought my chance had passed, you go and save MS to last"

Like I said, Cultural ELITE.

In other news, I called my local GP surgery to find out the results of my Vitamin D test - they said there was a note that I needed to either see my doctor or make an appointment to have a phone conversation with her. So I'm calling her Wednesday lunchtime - should be interesting.


Ms. CrankyPants said...

Steve, I wouldn't have had that song in my head if you hadn't mentioned it, but now I will. ALL day. So, thank you.

But, seriously, fantastic job! You sounded great, and I expect those listening were touched to hear you speak of something so personal. Hopefully, they also learned something (AWARENESS and all).

I was listening for it but didn't notice excessive use of STUFF. (Had I done an interview, it would have been UMMM and LIKE -- also an English grad.)

Anyway, brilliantly done and thanks for posting!

stevedomino said...

thanks a lot, Cranky - i've had some lovely comments from the MS Society and the MS Trust too.

My favourite review came as a text message from my brother:

Started a bit nervous but you really got going and sounded good, knowledgeable even. A true pro.

She sure lets you talk a lot... I would not call you an old hippy. She should have let you choose the music...

Seriously I think you and Sally have some serious chemistry there... get on again next week!

Honeysuckle said...

Hi Steve,

Just listened to the broadcast. It was interesting and informative and I guess the average punter ignorant of MS will have been made aware (yes, that word) in a non-scary and relaxed way. Most people have an inner hippy wanting to get out!

Have to say your talk got even better once I'd silenced Whitney and "You Light Up My Life". Yes, it was THAT good.

When are you on again?