Wednesday, 8 May 2013

the magic number

Just a quick post while I try to eat my lunch – apologies for any spelling mistakes! (more than usual anyway).

So today I called my GP for the results of my Vitamin D test (which I had over a month ago).

She started off by saying that neither her or a colleague could find any information about Vitamin D and its effect/impact on MS.

To which I said that it’s spoken about on the MS Society and MS Trust websites for a start.

So eventually she said that the average result for healthy people is between 50 and 100 (sorry for the vague numbers, she probably told me the unit of measurement but I was quietly fuming by this point).

Anyway my score is 38 – a little over a third of what it should be (i guess) but not low enough to be deemed 'insufficient' (which is 25 and under).

She said that she wouldn’t have a problem prescribing some supplements but that I could go and talk to a chemist to get a steer.

Thanks for that (another slow hand clap,please).

So my question to you is:

  • Do you take Vitamin D supplements?
  • If so, what dosage do you take?
  • How did you come to that decision? Finger-in-the-air guess or consultation with a GP / MS Nurse?
  • Should I just go and live in Italy instead?

I know that I’ve had some comments about this before (which seem to back up the European Food Safety Authority view that 4000 can be taken safely) but all help / guidance gratefully received.


xxx TTN xxx said...

I was advised by my Neurologist to supplement with 2,000 iu daily (I use a spray version from holland and Barratt) and I feel so much better for doing so. My levels were 62 on my last test but even then my MS nurse wants me to remain supplementing. Xx

Anonymous said...

My GP recently told me that I would end up with a kidney stone because I was taking supplements and my levels were "too high" for winter. After that she told me I shouldn't take anything. Clearly hasn't got a clue about MS and how important vit D3 is for us. This link gave me good info
I was taking 10.000 IU's a day with calcium in winter, now the weather is better and I only spend time in the sun.

Ms. CrankyPants said...

I take 4,000 IU daily at the recommendation of my neurologist.

swisslet said...

Hmm. I decided to take vitamin d supplements after reading up on it a bit and basically thinking that it might be worth a go. Not much, but I probably take fish oils for less. Anyway, I just have the standard high strength pack from Boots. No idea what my levels are, but I've been taking it for a few months now and all seems good. I spent a lot of 2010 travelling in the southern hemisphere, and when I look back at photos now, I'm amazed how tanned I got -- without ever really trying to get one, just by spending all day out in the proper sun. It was BRILLIANT. No MS problems either. Like all these drugs... who knows? Might do nothing. There's also some evidence that all these supplements cause *other* problems, so who knows what to believe?
25mg, it says here on the pack.

Anonymous said...

My partner has MS and her consultant told her to take 5x 25ug per day. I buy her the same ones that swisslet mentioned above from Boots.

swisslet said...

yeah - that's 25 micrograms, not milligrams... can't work out that dastardly greek symbol on my keyboard and it's just dawned on me that an "m" simply doesn't cut it here! Anyway. You can get it in a fairly big pack size and it's always on 3 for 2, so I just stock up on the pills that make me rattle every morning!

stevedomino said...

Blimey - thank you SO much for all these comments, they're really very helpful.

i had a LOAD of comments on Twitter too, including an actual GP (i.e. hopefully not just some weird troll).

2,000 seems to be the average so i'll probably bite the bullet with that.

thanks again, all!


Anonyms said...

I was prescribed 50,000 IU (single capsule) taken once a week.