Friday, 17 January 2014

manifest destiny..??

So the walk into work happened today. And it was fine. As I knew it would be.

I feel much more energised and mentally switched on at work today. As I knew I would do.

It's genuinely the case that, if I'd not written yesterday's blog with my "non-resolution", I probably would've found some excuse not to bother.

So Thank You for giving me the motivation. I would've felt like a loser if I'd given in to the niggling little voices in my head!

The fact of the matter is, I've noticed that my legs have been getting increasingly weak, and the nighttime DISCO LEG spasms have really been getting crazy.

If a little bit of walking can help stave off the (inevitable?) progression of my MS, then it's kind of a "use them or lose them" sort of situation.

Plus, it'll give me more motivation to jump around like a loon to this song with my daughter.


Ms. CrankyPants said...

So glad you gave us an update! I was going to be creepy and ask on yesterday's blog; now I can be slightly less creepy and post here.

Remember how I said I'd do my stairs shuffle in solidarity? Yeah...I didn't. So, I'm the ASSWIPE, COCK-KNOCKER, and FUCK-KNUCKLE. But, here I go -- really, truly -- to slowly walk up 6 flights. You inspired me to do it. So, thanks in advance.

Happy to hear you feel better for having walked to work. That's fantastic. Here's hoping that exercise helps with the weakness you're noticing.

stevedomino said...

goodness, the language on this blog gets saltier by the day!

i have to say, i feel pretty good for doing my 5 minutes walk in a new PB of 10 minutes.

something about the tortoise and the hare, i guess...

but i don't know how i'd feel about 6 flights of stairs! yikes!

Ms. CrankyPants said...

Report from the bottom of the stairs (not in a heap, fortunately): I am tired and my legs are buzzing, but I'm glad I did it.

Must know what a PB is?

You know by now I have the maturity level of an exceedingly immature and quite possibly developmentally challenged 8-year-old boy...but sorry for running with the salty language (although to be fair, technically I'm responsible for ASSWIPE only).

stevedomino said...

PB = Personal Best (irony)

fellow visitor to this Parish SwissLet (aka "SportySpice") linked to an article which I'd read before. the author makes the point that after exercise, "things hurt for the right reason" - see it here - that seems to mirror what you're saying about your stairs excursion.

and i didn't mean to imply that you were lowering the tone - it's pretty low most of the time, anyway!

now the only problem with walking to work is that you have to walk back... better start psyching myself up.

swisslet said...

I nearly killed myself on my bike on a patch of ice on the way to work this morning, so don't believe everything that they tell you about exercise being good for you....

I know I'm 'lucky' in how I can still drive myself so hard, but as I've said before and as that article we've both linked says, there is definitely something in feeling a good, honest fatigue and not the weasel type that MS pushes on us. I went swimming on Friday, and I felt awful from the first length, really almost unable to pull a stroke with my arms. I kept going, and somehow managed to do 50 lengths, feeling better at the end than I did at the start. Go figure. Sneaky, deceptive bastard disease.)

As for that Vampire Weekend album. Better than the first one? I think it might be! (...he says, listening to "Life's a Riot with Spy vs Spy". Love a bit of the Bragg!)


stevedomino said...

i love that latest VW album - but the first one MAYBE has a slightly higher hit rate - also, i think Chris Tomson (drummer) is a little underplayed on MVotC - with Chris Baio (bass player) he makes up a really ferocious rhythm section, wheras there seems to be a lot of programming on the new album.

[END MUSO SPEAK - although i did have to look up their names]

plus my daughter does the "HEY HEY HEY"s on "A-Punk"

sorry to hear about your almost-spill - i KNEW that exercise wasn't entirely good for you!