Sunday, 3 April 2016

dog paddle, belly flop

Kind-of prompted by the woe-is-me whinging of the last post, I've just been swimming for the first time in bloomin ages.

I know that 10 lengths is hardly swimming the channel, but it is a start. 

It was quite funny - I haven't done any swimming since we were in Italy last year so I decided to go in the slow lane with two other people. For some reason the slow lane was right next to the one for people who think they're David Wilkie or even a swimmer from this century - Rebecca Adlington, maybe.

I didn't let it get to me and did my lengths slowly - the plan is to try to get the same amount done more regularly.

Looking for something to illustrate this post I found this, being very careful to make sure that it didn't feature any disgraced former TV stars of my youth - although I'm not too sure about the old fella at 0:34.


stevedomino said...

the following day i'm aching in muscles that i didn't know i had! who said this kind of stuff was "good for you"?

swisslet said...

If it makes you feel better, I went swimming last week for the first time in a while... and my muscles were aching. My abs particularly. My abs!

stevedomino said...

what are these "abs" you speak of?

swisslet said...

In tribute to people with more muscles than me (and to Ron Burgundy), I've started calling my (non-existent) "guns", Tony Bennett and Alan Bennett. Watch out or the Bennett brothers are going to get you!

...and you know you've got abs, even if no one can currently see them. You don't fool me. I bet you're like Ned Flanders underneath your t-shirt.

Kirsten Anderson said...

<3 I saw your article at and I had to come over to take a peak. Not disappointed!