Sunday, 2 July 2017

steroids days 4 & 5: lazy days

last steroid
I've been spending the last couple of days just relaxing - had a lovely day yesterday hanging out in the garden and watching films with Mrs and Little Ms D. We've continued the GoT binge-watch (up to Season 3 now!) - very watchable nonsense.

Bit of a crappy night's sleep last night so I've been zoning in and out for most of the day and actually had a nap this afternoon. Anyone who knows me will know that this never happens EVER.

Bit nervous about what tomorrow will bring without steroids. To be completely honest, of the two courses I've had to combat this relapse, the positive effects have been way more noticeable on the lower-dose, longer-course version.

I think the 1,000mg per day for three days is a bit of an 'experiment' the the Top Prof is keen on. I can see the sense - it delivers the same amount as you'd get through three days of IV bags but you don't have to keep coming into clinic. Personally, I think having to digest that many tablets did NOT agree with me. It's quite telling that the Prof admitted that every time he's sent a patient down to the pharmacy with his hardcore prescription, the chemist will always call him to double-check that it was actually correct. Hmmmm. We shall see.

I've been mostly keeping up with my physio exercises and reintroducing dairy into my diet with a vengeance. I'm still a member of the OMS Lifestyle Support Facebook group and earlier today one of the members posted the following video from

It's pretty interesting (much like GoT I let a lot of it wash it over me) but it points out that moving to a plant-based diet can drastically reduce your white blood cell count - which Tecfidera does anyway.

No more experiments!

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