Thursday, 13 July 2017

suffering jukebox

I haven't had the energy to update since the recent flurry of activity. Even now, a week and a half after my last dose of steroids, I haven't been able to sleep through the night. It seems to be that I go straight to sleep, then an hour later I need to go to the bathroom. Then I sleep for another 3-4 hours before I need to get up again. It's very frustrating.

And this just in from our TMI desk - I'm worried that I might be in danger of developing a Urinary Tract Infection. As Fergie would have it, Glamorous.

Which is why I started writing this post this morning in the sun, drinking as much water as possible.

More positively, the adaptations we organised around the house were fitted a couple of days ago.
  • An extra banister on our stairs
  • Rails on a wall on the landing
  • Grab bars and a (non-permanent) seat in the shower, with a further grab bar by the toilet
  • Something under the mattress which gives me a metal bar to hold onto when I get in and out of the bed (it could also prevent me from falling out!)
  • A raised toilet seat
We also had an extra frame for the downstairs loo which we discovered too late doesn't allow us to close the door. So that's going to be swapped for another raised seat.

All of these things have made a tremendous difference - I was able to easily get around the whole house yesterday. Maybe that's why I'm so tired today? The old steroid side-effect of feeling too good and pushing yourself too far too soon?

The OT who came over last week is also arranging for me to have some physio at home, which will be good. She's also arranged with the Neurology Outpatients Therapy Services (where I normally go for physio) for an appointment with a Speech and Language Therapist - I've had a couple of instances where I've almost choked on food and drink, and this is apparently another potential problem with MS. It really is the gift that keeps on giving, isn't it?!

Mentally I feel I'm doing OK, despite being a bit snappy. But because my mobility is still a bit dodgy I've postponed my CBT until the week after next.

Next week I've got a neuro appointment when I'll give him some feedback about the two different steroid doses (5-days good, 3-days SO bad). And in a couple of weeks I have another MRI, and depending on the outcome we might be looking at trying different medication.

The worst-case scenario hanging over my head? A rebadging from Relapsing and Remitting MS to Secondary Progressive.

I know there's no point in worrying about the future, and this is how most people's MS progresses. But still.


Like another recent blog post, the title for this one came from a song by Silver Jews, a favourite band of mine. Enjoy.

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