Friday, 22 September 2017

i wanna be back in your life

Too long between updates! Let's get this started.  

We sent a request for the DWP to reconsider my application for PIP. And obviously they ignored all the points we raised, kept my score exactly the same and turned me down.

We met with our Unemployed Workers contact and talked about taking this to a tribunal but, like I said previously, all the things that have happened since January (when I first applied) won't count. So I'm going to make a fresh application which includes everything. Which will be fun.  

I got a note from the MS Nurses which says that my recent MRI showed significant increase of lesions. Honestly, the horrible stuff which comes through our door - I feel like our letterbox needs a quarantine section. Even better, this particular letter had the wrong address on the envelope so it ended up with some neighbours. Which wouldn't be the end of the world if their letterbox hadn't ripped the envelope open. Awkward.

I've been DMT-less for a couple of weeks as I get Tecfidera out of my system ahead of my first Tysabri infusion next Friday. The first appointment is a bit longer as I need the be "consented" - the kind of phrase which just makes you feel all warm inside, right? Yeesh.

Unhelpful bellyaching aside, it will be good to get started. Fingers crossed.

Physio is going really well, my swimming is coming on, and CBT therapy is so helpful. Why people aren't recommended to start this on diagnosis (for any chronic illness, not just MS) I have no idea. Having said that…

I had a job interview the other week, my first for a LONG time. The people who interviewed me said that it was really close between me and two other candidates. Which isn't as comforting as they think, but at least I wasn't miles away.

But I was unsuccessful and - to be frank - I totally lost my shit when I found out.

After a couple of really unhelpful rants (apologies and a tip of the hat to Mrs D and Jackie Z) a couple of things turned me 'round.

Firstly, Mrs D pointed out that a couple of months earlier I wouldn't have been able to get it together to put in an application, let alone one which got me an interview. I also wouldn't have been able to prepare a presentation, get myself suited and booted, or do a good interview.

(I must say that, without the ongoing support of Mrs D, there's no way I'd have got anywhere near the interview. I'm a lucky chap.)

Secondly, Little Miss D came back from school the same day with a certificate for being Pupil of the Week. What a legend.


honeysuckle said...

Hi Steve,

Can't think of an apt platitude, thank God, It ain't called More Shit for nothing. I read on -just realised anagram there, the f being disguised- about someone who was successful in her appeal. I'm sure you know everything about appeals, but just in case you missed that.

Wow (not a platitude, real), a job interview after all you and your whole family have endured? Absolutely brilliant. You're a survivor.

stevedomino said...

Thanks a lot, HS.

Can I also mention that I got another job application in this afternoon?!? Either the sound of me blowing my own trumpet, or being a glutton for punishment?!

Ah well, nothing ventured and all that.