Monday, 4 December 2017

PIP denial 2: this time it’s personal

the DWP's new PIP assessor, yesterday
I feel like I need to start putting SPOILER ALERT on my Twitter feed. But last week I got an early Christmas present from the DWP.

Not really.

I actually got a letter from them saying that I've been refused PIP for the second time.

I should've seen it coming. The day before I felt the best I have done in ages. It was actually my last Therapy session but I felt like I'd turned a corner - still stuff to work on but I only had eight sessions. I'd already planned to have another eight sessions in the new year - I guess I'll need to book them in sooner than I planned.

As I said, this was the perfect end to a perfectly shitty year. A year of endless forms and pointless bureaucratic knock backs and double-speak which has prevented me from taking better care of myself and my family.

I've not had loads of time to fully digest their (il)logic but a cursory reading seems to imply that they're purposefully misreading my form and misrepresenting the content of my assessment (of which, as I mentioned previously, I certainly didn't make a recording).

I'm not on the scrounge, I just want what I'm entitled to, a replacement for my previous DLA award. This helped pay for the extra expenses - medication, prescriptions, petrol, parking, etc. etc. - which naturally arise because someone has a chronic health condition.

Being disabled is expensive.

We're going to chat with our local Unemployed Workers Centre contact. I'll also try to get the strength up to listen to the recording of my assessment (even though it doesn't exist) to double check if this is a simple misunderstanding or if it really is as personal and deliberately malicious as it feels at the moment.


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