Monday, 5 March 2018

how do you think it feels

This morning I got a bumper fun pack from my friends at the DWP. This contained:
  • Copies of both of my PIP applications
  • Notes from both of my assessments
  • The DWP's notes on the applications, including the rationale for turning me down in each instance
  • Their responses to both of my requests for a Mandatory Reconsideration
All topped off with the following charmingly abrupt statement:
I've considered all the available evidence and considered which descriptors apply for each activity... I agree with all the descriptors selected.

I oppose the appeal and ask the Tribunal to dismiss the appeal and confirm the Secretary of State's decision.
It was not a great start to the day.

Every time I get one of these - and since January 2017 there have been a few - I immediately go into a mood of equal parts rage and despair.
"I don’t know if I can keep doing this any longer"
I can't help thinking that this is exactly the response they're counting on.

I end up ranting to whoever is closest to hand (apologies to the divine Mrs D), then firing off messages to my Dad or on Twitter [FULL DISCLOSURE: it's usually always both].

Then I take a deep breath, look through it all again, listen to the thoughts of the people around me, and think:
"There's no f**king way I'm giving up on this now"
I wish they'd let me stop! I'm not trying to bilk the system and I can think of a million things that I'd much rather be doing.

But if that's the way it has to be... 

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