Monday, 14 May 2018

in between days

Tysabri infusions need to be administered four weeks (or more) apart. I've mentioned before that in the run up to my infusions I can start to feel a little bit wobblier. And this has been backed up by conversations I've had with MS nurses and other patients (mostly online).

Earlier this year we booked a much needed summer holiday. Because I'm that sort of loser (or just one who is organised), I realised that I would be due to have an infusion the day before our flight back.

As we'd booked so far in advance (a rarity for us), I spent a sleepless night in bed working out that if I had my infusions a day earlier each month I would be able to bring my dose forward a whole week by the time our holiday came round. Obviously I did not take the following facts into account:
  • The Tysabri clinics are only on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • You must leave at least four weeks between infusions - you can't bring them any earlier
After letting me explain my drawn-out but impossible plan, the nurse explained that my only option was to add an extra week somewhere along the line.

I've been waiting for a month which offers the least disruption possible - avoiding the birthdays of both Mrs D and Little Ms D, in particular.

So the long-awaited month is now upon us!

I should have had my infusion last week. And now I’m trying not to chew my fingers off while I wait for my slot to come up in a bizarre, drug-free limbo.

I'm well aware that this has the potential (if you're an over-thinker - hi there!) to become a self-fulfilling prophecy of bad-vibes and relapsey symptoms.

But truth be told I'm feeling ok. I'm still swimming when I can and have started to use the Wii Fit again for the first time in ages. The balance games are particularly good and because I'm that kind of competitive wanker I was really pleased to achieve a new high score.

Oh yes, I'm all about Gamification - see also my unbroken 590 day run on the Calm meditation app.

But I am trying to take things a bit easier (and pushing myself a little less) in the run up to the infusion this week.

Plug me in, please!

the author awaiting his next infusion - honestly, he feels FINE...

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stevedomino said...

Day 6 update:
I am VERY MUCH ready for my infusion now. Very weak and foggy headed!

Ironically the picture in this postis more fitting now than it was when I selected it!