Thursday, 21 March 2019

the blogger’s complaint

The work I've been doing has gotten crazy recently. Hence the extended radio silence. I knew it was coming but still it was surprising nonetheless.

The festival I've been working on opened last week. My contract is for a set amount of days over six months so I don't have a huge number of days left. The festival itself finishes mid-April but they want me to do some work on the evaluation. So the number of days I'll be working each week will necessarily get fewer.

There have been a number of long days and weekends which I guess is par for the course. But it doesn't stop my family worrying that I'm heading for a crash.

On the other hand, my work on the FUMS podcast is like a dream come true. I love it and I feel like I'm pretty good at it - Kathy tells me so, anyway.

Coming up the pod will be featuring interviews with people with MS from around the world, talking about their diagnosis and treatment stories. Obviously Kathy is based in the US so her intention is to show how F'd up their health system is. She started off by interviewing me and this gave me a good opportunity to bang on about the NHS again.

I really enjoyed chatting with Kathy and I'm a shameless self-publicist. So I'll undoubtedly share it here once it's published. Although obviously you should already have subscribed to the podcast,right?

I just hope I don't hate the sound of my voice so much that it's the shortest interview yet. Or at the very least very presenter-heavy.

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