Thursday, 18 April 2019

if at first you don’t succeed...

... give up.

Not really, obviously, but it's bloody tempting.

I'm (genuinely) limping towards the end of my contract. But because you can't be too busy, I've recently applied for a couple of other jobs.

One I didn't get further than the application but the other I got to the second interview stage. It was between me and one other applicant. And - ta-daah! - they went with the other guy. To add insult to injury, it's basically the same job that I'm doing currently for a different artform. So that's a thing.

However if I'd been successful it would've meant me doing both jobs at the same time which would be pretty hardcore. Plus Mrs D is very keen that I have a little break when I finish. Especially because I had my most recent relapses within a week of finishing a previous freelance contract.

And truth be told I'm feeling pretty wrung out at present. A combination of long hours and - annoyingly - sleep being hard to come by.

Case in point: I finished writing this post during my most recent Tysabri infusion having had no more than thirty minutes sleep.

So a short break won't do me any harm.

Here's a moment of Emo Zen! 

listening to this song...
... looking out of this window in the hospital


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