Friday, 31 May 2019

i am one thousand years old

It's true!

I'm having a lot of trouble sleeping at the moment. My sleep hygiene is good. Ok I probably read a little too much but in my head it helps. Although the evidence doesn't really back it up.

CASE IN POINT: last night after a lovely day out with the family in the fresh air with lots of walking, sleep was still impossible to find. It doesn't make sense.

I've started having a milky drink an hour before I go to sleep (Q.V. one thousand years old) - but sometimes I forget (see earlier point).

I worry that I'm now beyond help!

Another thing that happened yesterday was I went to the doctor to talk to him about the fact that my circulation is terrible (did I mention that I'm at least one thousand years old?).

- this has been a problem since at least my 2017 relapse when the Occupational Therapist came round to talk to us about adaptations in the house. She took one look at my toes and said, "You know they're not meant to be that colour, right?"

Yeah, I know, I know - that was almost exactly two years ago…

They can sometimes look like 10 little blueberries (no pictures because FEET ARE GROSS). And they can get so cold that they keep me awake. So I've been wearing socks in bed - and they're not even Business Socks, FoC fans.

Anyway, the doctor had a good look at my (gross) feet and told me to get some blood tests - after he gets the results he might send me for a consultation with a vascular surgeon.

I tell you, with the lack of sleep, bed socks and bad circulation, I don't mind admitting that I've felt sexier.

Obviously this track by the awesome They Might Be Giants has been in heavy rotation on my internal iPod.


  1. Sorry to hear about your sleep issues (not to mention your gross BLUEBERRY toes; for those, my sympathies extend to Mrs. D). While you paint a sexy picture indeed, I am struck by the absence of the SEXY WALKING STICK. As I recall, that was a fixture of the jaunty man about town lo these many years. Keep on keeping on, and props for continuing to write this blog. You have fans even if they are LAZY AF.

    1. fear not, my friend - the two sexy walking sticks are still very much in (constant) use - they don't do anything to stop me feeling completely ancient! which is nice...

    2. Take heart: TWO SWSs means double the sexy, and - important - twice as many Fending-Off-Babes sticks